EaSI TA webinar series: Business Continuity Planning

16 Februar, 16 March, 13 April 2022

9:30 - 10:30


Join the EaSI Technical Assistance Webinar series on Business Continuity Planning

The European Comission is offering this webinar to microfinance institutions (MFI) interested in gaining knowledge and understanding of the building blocks required for developing or maintaining a business continuity management program and will give them comprehensive overview of the discipline.

The webinars are designed for basic presentation and discussions on the development of framework for the business continuity planning considering the best practices in respect of financial institution’s risk management.

The Capacity Building Program will be divided into three sessions, in order to be able to absorb and implement the steps related to building an appropriate business continuity plan, as per the subjects below:

Session 1

Date: Wednesday, 16 February 2022 at 9:30 – 10:30 (CET),  Language: English

  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) framework, objectives and policies
  • Risk assessment approach, measurement and control
  • Risk identification, analysis, evaluation
  • Risk mitigation and prevention
  • Business impact analysis approach
  • Establishing BIA resource and activity dependencies
  • Setting BIA criteria; minimum resources required;
  • Business impact analysis report.

Session 2

Date: Wednesday, 16 March 2022 at 9:30 – 10:30  (CET) , Language: English 

  • Business continuity solutions concepts, approach and framework;
  • Recovery strategies development and alternatives;
  • Crisis management framework;
  • Crisis response and recovery management;
  • Crisis communications planning;
  • Development of business continuity plans on a prioritized basis;
  • Implementing alternative plans and measures;.

Session 3

Date: Wednesday, 13 April 2022 at 9:30 – 11:00 (CET), Language: English

  • Development of awareness and training program
  • Development of exercise criteria and procedure
  • Lists of possible types of testing
  • Plan maintenance program and improvement
  • Scope and types of reviews


Attendance for the webinar is free of charge. The session targets primarily microfinance institutions (MFIs), including greenfield MFIs, banks, NGOs, regulators or other institutions and individuals working in the microfinance sector in Europe. European microfinance providers, either selected as EaSI Technical Assistance beneficiaries or interested to apply for the program can contact easi.ta@fs.de to receive more information about this event, as well as to request the participation in or organization of similar events.

Our Experts

Artan Koci is a graduate of the University of Roma Tre and the University of Tirana, with over 15 years of experience in the financial system, in managing role related to risk management, risk consultant at one of the largest banks in Albania, and also risk manager in specialized company in the management of investments and pensions funds. He provides implementation of banks’ risk strategies for investments and funding, and development of practices to mitigate operational issues related to the sector’s activities.