MFC Digitalization Working Group

The Digitalization Working Group goal is to discuss with MFC members the ways new technology can be sensibly embraced by microfinance institutions. We would also like to reach a shared understanding of the opportunities that exist as far as digitalization is concerned, MFI needs related to new technology, strategies, partnerships, and risks involved. MFC members discuss digitalization issues during virtual meetings organized once a month and physical meetings on the occasion of industry events.

Institutions participating in the Digitalization Working Group:

  • ADIE (France),
  • EMN (Belgium),
  • ILCU Ireland,
  • KEPA (Greece),
  • MI-BOSPO (Bosnia and Herzegovina),
  • OBS Serbia,
  • Oradian (Croatia),
  • Software Group (Bulgaria),
  • USTOI (Bulgaria),
  • Vitas (Romania),
  • Alliance of Microfinance organizations (Republic of North Macedonia)
  • PCES (Republic of North Macedonia)