Demand for Microfinance Services

We conduct studies to assess the need for credit, deposit and microinsurance services among clients and develop market development projections using the access frontier tool.

Our work has encompassed:

Demand for savings 

The market for deposit services of microcredit-deposit organizations (MDO) in Tajikistan: The goal of this study, funded by GTZ, was to assess the market potential for savings services and develop projections for deposit products. The study was conducted in two phases: the supply study (competitor research) and the demand study (customer research). Read the final report here

Demand for credit

Microenterprises, low-income households’ aspirations for self-employment and microcredit market in Poland: This study for European Investment Fund (EIF) explored the role of microcredit and related non-financial services in supporting current micro-entrepreneurs as well as in activating low-income population in Poland to endeavor self-employment initiatives. Qualitative focus group discussions were held with micro-entrepreneurs and those planning to start own business. Quantitative methods were used to carry out household-level surveys with 1,000 low-income households and 200 micro-entrepreneurs.

Demand for microinsurance

The market for microinsurance: Low-income households’ needs and market development projections: A series of studies explored households’ needs for microinsurance as well as opportunities and challenges to microinsurance provision in order to project microinsurance market development in different countries. Qualitative and quantitative methods were used to carry out household-level surveys. Study countries included:

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • Romania
  • Ukraine