Running Online Trainings || EaSI Technical Assistance Webinar recording

Leaders in Digital Era || Track 3: Talent digital development


Date: 12 November, 2020

Language: English

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Due to many restrictions caused by COVID-19, online trainings have become part of our professional life. They offer many opportunities to MFI when planned well. During this webinar we will explore how to prepare effective online training but also how to select the high-quality online training for your institution. We will discuss the similarities and differences between classroom and online trainings and learn  what are the key challenges and benefits of online trainings.

The webinar is based on practical experience of the Microfinance Centre. We welcome especially people responsible for the internal trainings in microfinance institutions, HR managers and MFIs’ trainers.

Kinga Dabrowska works at the Microfinance Centre and is currently serving as its Programs Manager, Responsible Finance. She is managing projects related to social performance management, financial education, capacity building. She has more than 15 years of training experience. She has conducted trainings on housing microfinance, energy efficiency, client protection, financial education and many others. In recent years she has delivered many online activities including facilitation of webinars, working groups, online meetings, delivering online presentations. Kinga has been also involved in several research projects including research related to start-up business, fintech sector in Europe and impact of COVID-19 lockdown on microfinance in Europe.