Celebrating Success: Highlights from the “Microfinance for Female Entrepreneurship” Borrow Wisely Campaign 2023! 

Celebrating Success: Highlights from the “Microfinance for Female Entrepreneurship” Borrow Wisely Campaign 2023! 

Campaign Overview 

Reaching an audience of approximately 2,423,487 individuals through a blend of online and traditional communication methods, the campaign demonstrated effective collaboration among 10 partners across 5 countries in Europe. This impactful effort not only advocated for the pivotal role of microfinance in supporting female entrepreneurs but also championed responsible lending practices and customer support. 

Meet the 2023 BWC Partners 

Congratulations to all the partners! The campaign showcased a diverse array of participation, with five organizations contributing at both international and local levels, three exclusively at the local level, and two solely at the international level. 

  • Albanian Microfinance Association (AMA), Albania – Local level 
  • Agro and Social Fund – Asfund, Albania – International and local level 
  • BCR Social Finance IFN, Romania – International level 
  • Kredo, Albania – Local level 
  • MI-BOSPO, Bosnia and Herzegovina – International and local level 
  • Microinvest, Moldova – International and local level 
  • NOA, Albania – Local level 
  • Noviti Finance, Lithuania – International level 
  • Patria Credit, Romania – International and local level 
  • VITAS IFN SA, Romania – International and local level 

Thank you for your outstanding contributions! We hope to see you on board for the next year’s edition. 

International Advocacy by MFC 

At the international level, the MFC spearheaded a dynamic campaign promoting the role of the microfinance sector in supporting female entrepreneurs, in addition to sharing success stories from our partners. The social media and newsletters initiative reached about 13,000 individuals through 21 posts across 3 platforms and emails sent to over 2,000 people. 

Local Level  

At the local level, organizations demonstrated their commitment to responsible lending and customer care. All these efforts contribute to the industry’s overall reputation and showcase each institution as a reliable lender. 

Join Us 

Feeling inspired by our “Microfinance for Female Entrepreneurship” Borrow Wisely Campaign 2023 success? If you’re passionate about supporting missing entrepreneurs and want to demonstrate commitment to responsible lending and customer care, we’d love to have you on board in 2024! Simply drop an email to Miroslaw at miroslaw@mfc.org.pl. Let’s work together to empower and uplift—your contribution could make a real difference. Join us for a journey of impact and positive change!  

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