Borrow Wisely Campaign: The first results are available!


We are pleased to share with you the first results of our 2017 Borrow Wisely Campaign! During the month of October, our partners from 15 countries were able to reach out to over 235 000 of people. Through face to face meetings, workshops, text messages, Facebook, and websites our members were educating their clients about the rules of wise borrowing.

Feedback from the field

“I like the campaign materials; they are really nice and attractive. I love the video too. The information I received through the campaign helped me to make a good decision about the loan.” Lider client

“Since I am young, I do not have much experience. Nonetheless, I have the desire to succeed, and these tips will be of great help to me. Thank you.” Mi-Bospo client

“I wish this Campaign had started long ago – during the credit boom in the country. Because if people had received the message of the Campaign, let’s say, 4-5 years ago, not that many people would have suffered the debt burden so heavily, particularly those who took a loan just because they were following the trend in those days.” VF AzerCredit customer manager

The Borrow Wisely Campaign promotes international client protection standards and financial education. Since 2014 this annual event, taking place in October, has reached over 1.164.900 people. The campaign is developed and coordinated by Microfinance Centre in cooperation with MFC members who contribute with their own resources to its organisation on national level.

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