Borrow Wisely Campaign 2024

Join Borrow Wisely Campaign and promote your organization! 

For the past 9 years, Borrow Wisely has been successfully organized, reaching many micro-entrepreneurs across Europe and Central Asia. We are thrilled to announce the upcoming 10th edition of the Borrow Wisely Campaign and invite all MFC members to join! 

Borrow Wisely 2.0

MFC has revised and updated materials promoting responsible borrowing practices and client protection standards. Additionally, new graphics and an exciting new digital component have been introduced in 2023 to enhance accessibility and assist clients with digitalization. This component includes valuable advice and recommendations about tools that empower businesses to thrive in the digital era. It provides guidance on optimizing client reach, promoting products and services, and offering convenient payment options. 

By participating in the campaign, your organization can demonstrate its commitment to responsible lending and customer care. Your involvement will contribute to the industry’s overall reputation and showcase your institution as a reliable lender.

We invite you to become a Partner of the  Borrow Wisely Campaign!

We call for long-standing partners to implement #2024BWC with us again this year, as well as encourage new organizations to join the Campaign. 

Please contact Mirosław at to learn more and become a partner of the  Borrow Wisely Campaign.


Borrow Wisely Campaign 2023 Results

Reaching an audience of approximately 2,423,487 individuals through a blend of online and traditional communication methods, the campaign demonstrated effective collaboration among various partners.

Campaign 2023 Partners

Campaign Editions

For the past 9 years (2014-2023, excluding 2022), Borrow Wisely has been successfully organized, reaching many micro-entrepreneurs across Europe and Central Asia. 


Join us for a journey of impact and positive change!  

In September we will be also running Microfinance for Youth Entrepreneurship Campaign. Would you like to join us?

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