Apply for Scholarship for the Rural and Agricultural Finance Program!

Training dates: July 16th – 27th, 2018

Training location: Utrecht, the Netherlands

Scholarships application deadline: May 21th, 2018

The 4th Edition of the Boulder Rural and Agricultural Finance Program in English will bring together rural and agricultural finance specialists from around the world representing MFIs, Rural Banks, Central Banks, Ministries of Finance and Agriculture, Donor Agencies, Investors, Development Agencies, and more. The 2018 Boulder RAFP will offer 12 elective courses to choose from and 70 academic course hours, delivered by our Boulder Faculty, a diverse group of world-renowned agrifinance experts, covering a broad range of topics and viewpoints on how to efficiently reach smallholder farmers.

The MasterCard Foundation (MCF) has the pleasure of offering scholarships to participate in the 4th edition RAFP.

The Microfinance Centre has been invited to recommend candidates for the Scholarships from Microfinance Centre members. The nominated candidates have a strong possibility of being selected as scholars.
To use this opportunity:

  1. Follow the MCF Microfinance Scholarship Program application instructions;
  2. Additionally send an email to microfinance {@} with your Full Name and E-mail Address, indicating your interest in applying for the MCF Microfinance Scholarship Program as a Microfinance Centre candidate.

The number of our recommendations are limited.

Download Scholarship Program application Guidelines and Instructions.