#2020BWC Champion – Microinvest from Moldova – Shares Impressions from the Campaign

MFC Member from Moldova, Microinvest, wants to share with you their BWC activities report. In 2020 Microinvest thanks to their great involvement, enormous work and creative approach reached with Borrow Wisely communications  to 2 674 727 people ! We are very impressed and congratulate the whole team. Microinvest is also the only MFI from Moldova, which is taking part in the Campaign. From the text they prepared you will learn:  Why is the Campaign important for them? What value it brings to the microfinance Clients? And simply why it’s worth to participate in Borrow Wisely Campaign! Enjoy 😀 



“Each of us has thought at least once to apply for a credit, whether for personal needs, automobile, or the development of own business. To make this step safe and responsible, you must also keep in mind the need to inform yourself as detailed as possible about the entire lending process and terms of lending. At Microinvest, we want every client to make a conscious decision, to turn their credits into an advantage. In this regard, every year, already for the sixth time, October becomes the month, in which we learn how to borrow wisely and responsibly.

Why #2020BWC? Because it’s a campaign that runs concurrently in over 25 organizations around the world and comes to inform people about how to borrow wisely. Microinvest is the only organization in Moldova, participating in the campaign, which informs its clients and partners every year about all stages of responsible lending and choosing a reliable creditor. This year, most of the activities were organized online, but it did not in any way influence the achievement of the basic objective of the campaign – wise loans, which bring only benefits.

Let’s take a look back.

  • Microinvest customers told about their lending experience:

What can be more pleasant than a satisfied customer, who enthusiastically and proudly talks about his experience working with Microinvest, the goals achieved, and plans for the future? In October, we learned about 7 success stories of Microinvest customers, who realized their dreams with the financial support of the Company.

Each of them revealed the secret of wise credits, how to get only benefits from them, and avoid unpleasant situations related to penalties and over-indebtedness. As a responsible creditor, Microinvest contributes to the realization of the dreams of people in various fields, offering credits to improve living conditions, car loans, credits for business and agriculture.

A well thought out loan will bring you only benefits, if you do this as responsibly as possible and choose a reliable partner. This step requires a thorough analysis, everything should to be fine-tuned, down to the smallest detail , said Microinvest client,the owner of a kitchen production business, Nicolae Croitoru.

To collaborate with a company that will objectively calculate your business income and come up with efficient development solutions is a real luck. Microinvest tried to understand as deeply as possible the specifics of our activity and helped us when we needed it most.  – Olga Untură, owner of the OVR store.

Please find all the customers’ stories in the the Microinvest News section!

  • 5 comprehensive answers to the main questions when applying for a credit

Borrow Wisely Campaign is based on 5 fundamental questions anyone who thinks of taking a loan should consider.

Responsible financing involves a detailed analysis and documentation of all conditions, stages and terms of lending. All this information can be enunciated in there 5 basic questions from the Campaign that everyone should ask while applying for credit. For each question, Microinvest came up with a detailed and well-exemplified answer. All articles can be found in the Microinvest Financial Education.

  • 3 online seminars on responsible lending

The entire Microinvest team was actively involved in informing customers and partners about the main stages of wise lending in line with the Borrow Wisely Campaign indications. The loan officers and cashiers of the Company took care to remind current and potential customers of the importance of a detailed analysis of lending terms in applying for a responsible credit. Also, for the employees of three partner companies, Microinvest organized online seminars to discuss the most important stages of lending, tips, and recommendations to turn credit into an advantage.

  • hundreds of informed customers across the country – the power of social media

More than 2.5 mln users have interacted with the #ÎmprumutăÎnțeleptcuMicroinvest posts!

The messages of the “Borrow Wisely” campaign were massively distributed on social networks, for a greater impact and informing as many people as possible. Thus, more than one and a half million users have interacted with posts classified under the tag #ÎmprumutăÎnțeleptcuMicroinvest. A client informed today about all terms of a wise credit, will conclude a loan agreement tomorrow, successfully realizing his plans, at the right time. This is the perfect formula for an advantageous credit.

 “Every year, in October, we go through all stages of applying for credit with our customers and partners and learn how to borrow wisely. This is one of the core objectives of our organization – to create lasting and trusting relationships with each client and partner, to ensure beautiful credit histories, prosperous businesses, and satisfied customers. We are happy to be part of a global #BWC2020 campaign and contribute to the financial education of the people of our country. We hope to reap the beautiful results of the campaign all year round,” – said Dumitru Svinarenco, Executive Director at OCN Microinvest SRL.

Thanks for reading, we believe it is a good proof the Borrow Wisely Campaign is very beneficiary, both for the microfinance institutions and for their Clients.

MFC hopes you are encouraged to join #2021BWC! Get in touch with Aleksandra at aleksandra@mfc.org.pl and spread the word about wise borrowing with us

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