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Next SPI4 webinar: Operations through social performance lenses

The SP Fund team is pleased to invite you to the next webinar, focusing on social performance indicators related to operations. This event will take place on April 28th (English and Spanish) and on May 4th (Russian). If you are a network representative, operations manager or credit analyst – this webinar is for you! We will explain the indicators related ...

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Client Protection

The industry’s growing concern around client protection is an effort to ensure fair, responsible and transparent services for clients. MFC primarily goal is to be industry leaders in good practice microfinance and promote and implement Consumer Protection Standards. We want to be a network of members who are fully compliant with Client Protection Standards. Therefore we encourage our members: MFI, ...

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Social Performance Management (SPM)

Established in 1999, our global SPM program works with networks and MFIs on assessment and capacity building projects in order to develop systems and improve practice towards strengthening the double-bottom line of microfinance Our SPM work includes: The Social Performance (SP) Fund The Social Performance (SP) Fund develops the capacity of 52 microfinance networks to work with their members on ...

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Learn more about SPM

The microfinance industry is in a period of fast growth, both in terms of complexity, but also competition. In this environment, achieving and staying in tune with the mission is a real challenge for MFIs. Mission-driven MFIs will find a number of resources online, developed to help them achieve their double bottom-line. These are: The Universal Standards The Universal Standards ...

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