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#BWC2016: News from the field!

It’s been an exciting start to the campaign – and we wanted to share with you some of the highlights! What’s happening in the field? Over the last 2 weeks, our 21 partners have launched an impressive range of financial education activities. IMON (Tajikistan) staff reached a staggering 6,000 people in the first week alone! SIS Credit (Bulgaria) is teaming ...

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Borrow Wisely Campaign begins October 1st!

#BWC2016 For the next 31 days, 21 financial institutions in 15 countries will roll out financial education messages across the region as part of the MFC’s third annual Borrow Wisely Campaign.  In this massive coordinated Campaign, our partners will reach hundreds of thousands of existing and potential microfinance clients with tips and tools about how take on safe and responsible ...

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2016 Borrow Wisely Campaign kicks off in October!

#BWC2016   We’re proud to announce that 21 organizations from 15 countries will participate in our third region-wide Borrow Wisely Campaign. Our aim, as always, is to educate massive numbers of clients and potential clients about how to borrow wisely – harnessing the positive power of loans and avoiding the pitfalls of too much debt. This year, for the first ...

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