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SP Fund Partners/Grantees Publications

Social Performance Country Report developed by Union of Credit Organizations of Armenia (UCORA), 2016. The report includes information about SP policies, practise and results collected from 9 UCORA members.





SP country report – Azerbaijan developed by AMFA, 2016

This report details the state of Social Performance Management (SPM) practice among AMFA members in key operational and strategic areas. It is based on members’ self-reported Social Performance Indicators – version 4 data verified by AMFA, and discusses both successes and
challenges alike.



SP Country Report – Nepal developed by Centre for Micro Finance (CMF), 2016





SP Country Report – Kyrgyzstan developed by AMFI (available in Russian)

Страновой отчет по социальному воздействию в Кыргызской Республике, созданный Ассоциацией микрофинансовых институтов Кыргызской Республики.




SP Country Report – Pakistan developed by Pakistan Microfinance Network.





SP Country Report – Albania developed by the Albanian Microfinance Association (AMA).