impactiive® – Welcome to MFC new Member !

MFC is very happy to welcome on board the new Member – impactiive®  from Estonia.

impactiive® is a management services company that provides support to financial institutions in pursuing strategic options (start-up, M&A) or in need of financial and operational turnaround.



  • The impactiive® management team comprises over 100 years executive experience working in emerging market financial institutions; across a diverse background of engagements that include greenfield startups, rapid growth environments, as well as those facing economic hardship and crisis situations.
  • impactiive® is ready to assist financial institutions through the entire transformation cycle; starting from understanding matters of concern, analyzing their causes and implications, devising their remedies, and executing on change and improvement programs.
  • impactiive® not only connects the dots and offers valuable advice, coaching, and support; but can also take the reins and make the change happen. The approach is practical, comprehensive, action- and results-oriented, while aligning impactiive® incentives to the client’s success.

Check out their company website: