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Cookies policy

Fundajca Microfinance Centre with its registered office in Warsaw, 00-666, ul. Noakowskiego 10/38, entered in the NATIONAL COURT REGISTER OF ASSOCIATIONS, OTHER SOCIAL AND PROFESSIONAL ORGANISATIONS, FOUNDATIONS AND PUBLIC HEALTH CARE INSTITUTIONS under KRS number 0000101471, hereafter referred to as Microfinance Centre, shall guarantee the Users of its Websites the right to select which information that concerns them is collected. Microfinance Centre hereby informs that its web pages use the cookie technology, i.e. text files that gather information about the pages and subpages visited by the User and about the activity of the User.

The cookies that may be used on the website are linked exclusively to the web browser of a specific computer (anonymous user), without giving the name or the surname of its User. The information is recorded by the Microfinance Centre server on User’s computer, and may be accessed by the Microfinance Centre server each time the User’s computer connects to the server. Cookies provide statistical data regarding the traffic and Users’ activity on specific pages of the Microfinance Centre website. Microfinance Centre may also use cookies to monitor Users’ traffic between its own services (the website) and other websites that collaborate with Microfinance Centre.

On its websites Microfinance Centre may use the following types of cookie files:

‘essential’ cookies, which enable the use of services available within the framework of the Website, e.g. certifying cookie files used for services that require certification within the framework of the Website,

cookie files which assure safety, e.g. used for detecting breaches of certification on the Website,

cookies which allow gathering information on the manners of using the web pages of the Website,

‘functionality’ cookies which allow ‘remembering’ Users’ settings and personalisation of Users’ interface, e.g. chosen language, region, font size, page display, etc.

third party cookies, i.e. information from  advertising servers, company servers or services providers (e.g. search engines) that collaborate with the owner of the Website. This type of cookies allows adjusting advertisements to Users’ preferences and habits. Information acquired through such cookies enables creating the so-called general user profiles (e.g. age, sex, interests). At any time the User may choose the way the cookie files are handled by switching from automatic cookie handling to individual user settings. The suppliers of Internet browsers provide detailed information regarding this issue, usually in the ‘Internet Options’ tab or similar.

Simultaneously, Microfinance Centre shall not by liable for the use and the handling of cookies on other websites available to the Users through links published on the Microfinance Centre website.