Welcome to our new Member: Opportunity Bank Serbia!


By providing financial solutions and training, Opportunity Bank Serbia (OBS) empowers the underserved and financially excluded people to transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities.

OBS targets low-income households in rural areas that lack access to credit products for facilitation of self-employment and entrepreneurship activities. Three main client target groups of OBS are: entrepreneurs and micro businesses, registered agricultural households and low-income pensioners and salary receivers. OBS main products are:

  • loans for businesses of all sizes, for all purposes and without a business plan,
  • loans for farmers available to holders of registered agricultural estates, regardless of their size, and
  • Micro Personal Loans available to low-income pensioners and salary receivers.

OBS also offers a variety of innovative savings products to all client segments, as well as payment services, remittance, etc. Opportunity Bank’s approach to clients is through individual lending and application of micro-loan methodology, field presence in rural areas and personalized customer service.

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