Welcome to Our New Member! Debitum Network is Presenting Themselves

We would like to present you all a description of the areas of expertise of our new Member – Debitum Network from Latvia. Feel free to contact them on any kind of questions!

Mission: The mission of Debitum Network is to help small businesses around the world to get funding for their business activities, help investors to participate in the funding process, and earn attractive interest rates investing in low risk assets.

Areas of operation: Our company connects loan originators who put loans (assets) on our platform to investors who invests in those assets and earn interest of 9%-10%. We also collaborate with independent risk assessment parties who provide an accurate credit score for the assets. This increases transparency, accuracy of a credit score and reduces the risk for investors.

How we work: Our clients are non-banking lenders, mostly from Europe who provide our platform with assets, and retail, as well as institutional investors from around the world, who invest in those assets, and Independent risk assessment parties who offer their services on our platform.

Take a look on Debitum’s website