The Western Balkans and Eastern Europe Regional Conference “Regulating Digital Financial Services”

Date:  September 5-6, 2019

Location: Skopje, North Macedonia

Topic: Regulating digital financial services – Making it work to benefit everyone

Geographic scope: the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe

The Alliance of Microfinance organizations is organising the regional conference in cooperation with its members: Savings house Moznosti, Savings house FULM, Microcredit foundation Horizonti and the Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation, with support of the USAID’ Microfinance Innovation and Inclusion Project:

“We now open the floor to regulators and supervisory institutions from 11 countries in the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe, to present their approaches, experiences and challenges in regulating digital microfinance services and innovative ICT-solutions to assist microfinance providers and identify possible solutions which will work for all, in partnership with the microfinance organizations, the civil society and the clients community.”

This conference is following up on the regional forum held in May in Ohrid, where over 50 practitioners and Alliances from 9 countries discussed their experiences and challenges in digitalization and presented the new trends and opinions of microfinance clients and employees, on regional as well as EU-level.

At the conference, participants will discuss the process of digitalization in microfinance and the challenges it brings for regulators, supervisory institutions as well as how they have been approaching this topic so far, the outcomes and lessons learned and open discussion to learn from each other to improve current solutions and build a favorable legislative environment for microfinance.

The conference will bring together the most relevant representatives and professionals from

  • Non-banking financial institutions in the field of microfinance
  • The regulatory and supervisory institutions
  • Leading experts from the wider region
  • ICT solution providers in the financial area
  • Donor community representatives.

Microfinance Centre supports this event as part of the strategic framework for cooperation with the Alliance of Microfinance Organizations.

Use this unique opportunity to share your opinions and experiences and contribute to the process of digitalization with innovative financial services in microfinance! In order to take part please contact the Alliance of Microfinance organizations.