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Reaching delinquent youth through “My home, my responsibility”

Teaching vulnerable kids to be both money smart and energy smart – this is how we’d describe our year-long partnership with Habitat for Humanity Poland and the Delinquent Youth Center of Orione Convent. Our project aimed to give kids the knowledge and skills they needed to transition from care to independent living. To do so, we created innovative financial education ...

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Housing Microfinance

Funder: Habitat for Humanity International Housing microfinance is a relatively recent arrival to the sector; with numerous MFIs launching new products and improving them as they go along. Against this backdrop, we’ve developed an easy-to-market research tool specifically for housing product improvement. It allows MFIs to quickly and effectively survey product users and non-users to identify “quick win” improvements, whether this is ...

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My Home, My Responsibility

Funder: The project is supported by Obywatele dla Demokracji Program, finansed by EOG grants  Partners: Habitat for Humanity Poland; Młodzieżowy Ośrodek Wychowawczy Księży Orionistów (MOW) Helping delinquent youth successfully transition from foster care into independent adult life means equipping them with the personal money management skills they often lack. The MFC has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity Poland and delinquent youth ...

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