Scholarship opportunity for networks & MFIs to participate in SPTF Meeting in India!

Scholarship opportunity for networks & microfinance institutions

to participate in SPTF Meeting in India

19-22 February 2018


SP Fund announces a Call for Presentations for national networks and microfinance institutions to share their activities and plans related to promotion, implementation of Universal Standards for SPM. The most active organizations and interesting proposals will be awarded a scholarship (to cover travel, visa, accommodation costs, SPTF fee with the amount up to 3 000 USD) to participate in the SPTF annual meeting in India on 19-22- February 2018.

The scholarship will be provided as reimbursement therefore the organization will be asked to cover the travel, visa cost and accommodation.  The expenses will be reimbursed after the participation in the SPTF annual meeting. The organization is also responsible for registration and arranging all logistics for the meeting.

Who is eligible?

Organizations (national networks and microfinance institutions) from Europe, Asia, Latin America who

  • Are active in promoting/implementing Universal Standards for SPM and have interesting lessons to share
  • Have concrete plans for 2018

How to apply for a scholarship?

More +

More +

Please send your draft presentation in PowerPoint by 26 November including the following slides:

Slide 1: summary information about your network (date of establishment, number of members and type, number of organizations using DFS/mobile credit/fintechs, network staff number, etc.) or MFI (date of establishment, number of clients, portfolio size, number of staff, are you using DFS/mobile credit/fintechs)

Slide 2-4: most interesting activities carried out in 2017 related to Universal Standards. Please include (if relevant) following aspects: activities related to promotion of standards, capacity building (what topics and type of activity), improvements of SPM practices, advocacy – anything interesting on the CP or SP front going on with their regulators; what resources/tools you used

Slide 5-6: lessons learnt arising from the implemented activities

Slide 7-8: goals and activities plan (what, when, where, for whom, with whom) to undertake in 2018 to promote or/and implement Universal Standards for SPM

Slide 9-10 – Topics which you would like to learn more (please be specific) Please apply „good communication rules” while preparing your presentations, keep text to a minimum (5-7 bullet points, no more than 7 words in one line), etc.

Please note that presentations with more than 11 slides will be automatically rejected (you may add more explanation in notes/comment section of the slide).

Please send us the following information about the person which your organization selects for the SPTF Annual Meeting (please note that the person has to be fluent in English):

Name and Surname:


Experience with SPM (2-3 sentences max.)

Contact details (email, phone):

The submission deadline is 26 November 2017. Please send your presentation to Kinga Dabrowska (

We will notify the organizations who were accepted by 4th December 2017.