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Dear Friends,

You are cordially invited to participate in the 19th MFC annual conference entitled: “Microfinance in the Cloud”. We are thrilled to hold this event in Albania, which boasts a very dynamic and well-functioning microfinance sector. The conference will be held in partnership with the Albanian Microfinance Association (AMA).

The over-arching conference theme considers the space that microfinance could occupy if it fully embraces new technology, or the detachment it will suffer if it does not. But is it really a simple binary choice between technology and tradition? Can we find a “third way” to maintain the unique value of microfinance within the digital world? What does a microfinance institution need to go digital, and what are the risks? This conference will be a key platform to debate the trade-offs, make the case for digital, and critically examine what aspects of traditional service delivery we need to preserve. Importantly, we’ll do all of this by putting the experience of real institutions under the microscope.

Workshops and plenary sessions

Against this thematic backdrop, and in response to useful feedback from MFC members, our plenaries will consider ownership issues in microfinance, and successful institutional strategies during a time of economic crisis. We’ll also devote plenaries to examining the state of the Albanian microfinance sector, discussing new EU support tools for microfinance, examine different strategies for coping with currency risks, talk about new social investment opportunities, and many other salient topics.

As in 2015, in addition to our traditional workshops and plenary sessions, we invite you to present your own “un-conference session”. We’re using these sessions to talk about any issues of interest to practitioners. If you’d like to convene a small, informal un-conference session to tap into the insights of your peers on a particular topic, challenge or need – please let us know.

Pre-conference workshops and meetings

This year, our pre-conference half-day workshop is called “Preventing Over-indebtedness”.

This year to respond to MFC members feedback we plan a special half day workshop on 22nd June focus on prevention of over-indebtedness. During the workshop we will discuss following questions: what we can learn from previous over-indebtedness crises? What information we need to collect and analyze to make the good decision about level of debt our clients can safely take in local or foreign currency? How to make sure that our clients understand the risks of taking too much debt. What can we do when our clients are over indebted. We will also hear first-hand experience from institutions who went through over-indebtedness crises. To find out more and register online, please visit the conference website.

We also warmly invite all MFC members to the MFC Membership Meeting on 22 June 2016 (at 4:30 pm). This half-day event will be an opportunity to discuss the MFC strategic and programmatic plans, get to know new MFC members and network at a special members-only cocktail event afterwards.

Visits to MFIs

Together with AMA we have engaged in preparation of a special program of visits to MFIs. To learn more, please click here


To register online please visit the conference website. Early bird registration closes on 29 April 2016 – so don’t delay! Before you register, remember to check whether you need a visa to enter Albania. For more details head to the visa section of the conference website.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at , or : +420 284 001 444.

See you in Tirana!

Best regards,

The MFC team