Partner Microcredit Foundation Announces Call for Board of Directors Nominations

MFC Member, PARTNER Microcredit Foundation from Bosnia and Herzegovina announces the call for the selection and appointment of members of the Board of Directors.

Partner MCF is a microcredit foundation established by international organization “Mercy Corps” seated in the USA, which started the business as the Department for Economic Development within „Mercy Corps“ in April 1997 when the first credits were issued. Presently, Partner MCF has 60 offices with approximately 300 employees that cover more than 47.000 active clients. The seat of Partner MCF is in Tuzla and the foundation operates in the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The most important responsibilities of the Board of Directors’ member:

  • managing of the Partner Microcredit Foundation;
  • active participation on all meetings of the Board of Directors and in the work of its commissions;
  • responsibility for the legality of the adopted decisions and the work of the foundation;
  • active work on the promotion of the Foundation’s mission and the values.


Partner MCF provides the opportunity for continuous education in the field of microfinancing through all available types of professional development, including the workshops, seminars, study visits and participation at the international conferences. Members receive compensation for their work in the Board of Directors.

The applications should be submitted in English language.

The deadline for application is February 15, 2019. 

Read the full Call for the selection and appointment of members of the Board of Directors.