Microfinance Associations’ Summit during MFC Annual Conference 2019

Date: 29 May 2019

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Pre-conference event  MFC Annual Conference 2019

The Microfinance Associations’ Summit provided an opportunity for representatives from national microfinance associations to share experiences about MFI’s digitalization in their respective countries, discuss the role associations can play in supporting their members. Participants discussed opportunities, challenges and solutions related to digitalization of microfinance institutions. The meeting was attended by:

🇧🇦 Association of Microfinance Institutions in Bosnia and Herzegowina (AMFI)
🇦🇲The Union of Credit Organizations of the Republic of Armenia (UCORA)
🇰🇬 The Association of Microfinance Organizations of Kyrgyzstan (AMFI)
🇰🇿 Association of Legal Entities “Association of microfinance organizations of Kazakhstan (AMFOK)
🇦🇱 Albanian Microfinance Association (AMA)
🇧🇾 Republicataion Microfinance Center, Belarus
🇬🇪 Georgian Microfinance Association
🇲🇳 Mongolian Non-Bank Financial Institutions Association (MNBFIA)
🇦🇿 Azerbaijan Micro-finance Association (AMFA)
🇽🇰 Association of Microfinance Institutions of Kosovo
🇵🇱 Polish Union of Loan Funds (PZFP)
🇲🇰 Alliance of Microfinance Organizations from Republic of North Macedonia (MFO)
🇷🇴 Working Group Romania
🇺🇿 National Association of Microfinance Institutions, Uzbekistan
🇬🇧Responsible Finance (United Kingdom)
🇺🇦Ukrainian association of financial companies (VAFK)