Decision Tree

Developing SPM strategy

The Decision Tree tool helps networks develop a coherent framework for their social performance management (SPM) support strategy.

The Decision Tree tool offers step-by-step guidance to help networks develop their own strategies and select appropriate tools that respond to local needs and demands. The Decision Tree is designed to empower national and regional networks to support their members in assessing, managing and reporting on social performance. It can also facilitate coordination among different donor initiatives and technical assistance providers working with microfinance networks.

The Decision Tree is an effort of CERISE and Imp-Act Consortium, represented by Microfinance Centre (MFC), and funded by the Ford Foundation. The Decision Tree was written by Ewa Bankowska, Cécile Lapenu and Kasia Pawlak, with support from Bonnie Brusky. It draws on their combined experience in social performance working with nearly 400 microfinance institutions and 20 microfinance networks in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Download Decision Tree with facilitation guide.

Quick Decision Tree

Networks can also use the Quick Decision Tree to develop a draft strategy in social performance and an SPM plan. The SPM plan can be used as a communication tool with members to gain their interest and commitment to implement project activities.

Network involves  members (at minimum the Board members) in the exercise of filling in the Decision Tree (e.g. through a half-day meeting). The Quick Decision Tree exercise presents the network with key questions to help it to reflect on important market trends, and identify practical activities in SPM in response to them. The tool includes detailed instructions on how to use it.