Welcome to MFC New Member: Purple Shoots from the United Kingdom!

Purple Shoots is a UK registered charity and microfinance organisation that tackles poverty and unemployment in Wales and South West England, encouraging entrepreneurship, independence and self-reliance. The organisation’s goal is to provide opportunity and dignity for those currently unable to find work, building capacity within the poorest communities, and improving the economic situation of people.

This is achieved through:

  • Microfinance: small loans to individuals who are unable to access finance from other sources. The loans are used to start or run a small business.  Typical borrowers are those with few or no assets, a history of illness or disability, or an adverse credit record. These people will find it very difficult to raise funding from mainstream sources to get businesses off the ground.  Purple Shoots challenges the normal assessment of risk by mainstream funders, taking what is typically considered high risk by investing in this client group, and seeking to provide ongoing nurturing.
  • Self-reliant groups (SRGs): support to create groups among those who are left behind by the economy and society. Typically group participants are deeply disadvantaged and far from employment. The groups create an enabling environment which allows their members to reach their potential, rebuilding confidence, developing skills and income generating ideas or preparing them to seek employment or training.

Purple Shoots believe that everyone has potential and has something to offer their community and recognize and invest in that potential and resourcefulness.