MFC members are invited to participate in the CEO Summit!

MFC members are invited to participate in the CEO Summit, which will take place in Sarajevo on 26-27 May, 2017.

This Summit will follow the MFC Annual Conference, and will be held in the same venue. Over these one and a half days, our aim is to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and support so that we might foster open dialogue, healthy debate and creative thinking among the participants.

We’ll start with a “meet and greet” session on Friday afternoon (May 26) at 17:00, followed by a short session to agree the role and the future of the CEO Forum. Over a delegate dinner, we hope you will take the opportunity to relax and get to know the other delegates in a relaxed environment.

The Saturday (May 27) program will consist of two parts. Potential topics include discussion about succession planning, impact of FinTech on the future development and growth of microfinance institutions, and topics related to CEO leadership roles.

For further information please contact Aldona Rutkowska.