MFC explores the role of fintech sector in advancing financial inclusion

In the recent months, the MFC has conducted studies on the FinTech sector and its role in providing financial services to excluded and underserved groups in Poland and Ukraine.

We have successfully identified FinTechs that contribute to financial inclusion and improved financial health, and explored their current and potential future cooperation with traditional finance providers. In Ukraine, our research was carried out in collaboration with the Ukrainian Association of FinTech and Innovation Companies (UAFIC).

Findings from the studies were presented during local events with representatives of the traditional and new finance institutions to discuss latest trends and explore opportunities for future cooperation. In Ukraine, our findings were presented as part of the UAFIN.TECH 2018 event that took place on 6 December in Kyiv.

In Poland, together with the National Contact Point for Financial Instruments of the European Union Programmes, the MFC co-hosted a conference ‘New Technologies and Programs for Microfinance” on 11th  December in Warsaw. The MFC presented the findings from the review of the fintech sector and engaged  in the panel discussion on the place of the fintech sector among financial services providers.

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