European Crowdfunding Network invites to the eight ECN Crowdfunding Convention

The 8th ECN Crowdfunding Convention (24-25 October) will explore the future of crowdfunding within a harmonised European market, looking at technological advances, market consolidation and requirements for up- and down-scaling. We will seek open discourse elaborating strategies, best practices and failure.

This year, following the discussions on – and near finalisation of – the “European Crowdfunding Service Providers (ECSP) for business Regulation” covering both lending-based crowdfunding and investment-based crowdfunding, the 8th ECN Crowdfunding Convention will take an honest view at the practical impacts of the regulation on the crowdfunding industry at large. The event will focus on “Scaling up the Industry”, and specifically on exploring current and coming opportunities for further consolidation of this financial mechanism in Europe.

On the first day, we will share experiences on how to foster strong national crowdfunding ecosystems and reports about industry achievements such as mainstreaming crowdfunding into EU policies. On the second day, we will provide insights about market consolidation – from up- and down-scaling to M&A across – and provide an outlook of how Blockchain and DLT may impact the alternative finance sector.

The event will host speeches from leaders in the world of crowdfunding from several EU countries, European and national policy-makers, and international delegates, including service providers, media, and entrepreneurs.

By attending the event, you will have the chance to meet, learn and discuss with more than 150 sector experts, including European crowdfunding platforms, professional investors, blockchain experts, policy makers and other stakeholders.

For more details, consult the latest version of the agenda