e-MFP, MFC Partner Announced European Microfinance Award Finalists

On the 19th of September, the Selection Committee for the European Microfinance Award 2019 “Strengthening Resilience to Climate Change” chose the three finalists who will go on to compete for the €100,000 prize: APA, ASKI, and FDL. Through the initiatives these outstanding organisations have put in place to increase vulnerable populations’ resilience to climate change, they demonstrate the innovation and dynamism of this most critical area of financial inclusion.

This year’s Award couldn’t be timelier. Extreme events – including drought, flooding, storms, fluctuating temperatures, and other climatic changes – are occurring with greater frequency and intensity, increasing risks to health, livelihoods, food security, water supply, economic growth and human rights. It is the poor in developing countries who feel the brunt of these climatic changes and data from the ND-GAIN Country Index shows that the countries in which the selected applicants are based are overwhelmingly the most susceptible, and least prepared, for climate change – showing that the Award is attracting applications from financial service providers working with those who need assistance the most.

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