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The Microfinance CEO Forum

CEO forum

The Microfinance CEO Forum is a global professional and business networking opportunity for senior executives from the microfinance sector to share the experiences and learn from their peers in a relaxed and trustful environment.

Our objectives

• Allow members to build business and professional relationships to better address the challenges and opportunities in the microfinance sector
• Provide an exclusive, confidential and safe environment for CEOs to exchange ideas and experiences
• Support leadership development among senior management
• Promote the overall development of the microfinance sector

CEO Forum membership benefits

• Exclusive participation in the regional CEO Forums and the Annual CEO Summit
• Free access to an online resources allowing executives to post questions and share insights and resources on strategic business issues
• Collaboration and business opportunities with other senior executives
• Problem-solving via peer support and executive coaching
• Exclusive online discussion forum
• Free access to quarterly executive seminars that address strategic management and leadership issues
• Learn the art, science and practice of management by studying the works of leading thinkers, authors, and executives
• Access a wealth of resources on effective management (including articles, books, research projects, and executive white papers)

CEO Forum membership qualifications

Membership is limited to chief executives in microfinance as represented by:

• Members of Boards of Directors
• Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or their designates

Other senior managers may be included on an exceptional with the prior and formal approval of all Forum members.



Project is financed by:

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