TA under the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI)

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Funder: The European Commission (EC) in partnership with the European Investment Bank (EIB)

Partners: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, European Microfinance Network (EMN)

fi compass flyer pdfThe MFC (as part of a consortium including the European Microfinance Network and the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management), is delivering training  in good governance (including social performance), management information systems, strategic planning, and risk management. MFC also assists microcredit providers to implement the EU Code of Good Conduct. We’re also launching a helpdesk, events, conferences, and seminars to disseminate best practices throughout the sector and to increase awareness of microfinance in Europe.

MFC offers tailored technical assistance to increase the quality of internal processes of selected European microcredit providers.

You may still obtain FREE technical assistance within this program. For more information please contact us at microfinance@mfc.org.pl Learn more

In 2016, MFC provided technical assistance to:

  • Capitalia, Latvia (in the area of credit management)
  • FAER, Romania (in the area of strategic planning and credit management)
  • Mikrofond, Bulgaria (in the area of strategic planning and marketing)
  • RoCredit, Romania (in the area of risk management)
  • ROMCOM, Romania (in the area of strategic planning)
  • SEED Capital Bizkaya, Spain (in the area of credit management)
  • TISE, Poland (in the area of strategic planning)

In 2017, MFC will provide technical assistance to: KEPA (Greece), Maritza Invest (Bulgaria), OMRO (Romania), Slovene Enterprises Fund (Slovenia), SIS Credit (Bulgaria), TISE (Poland).

MFC delivered 2-days Code of Good Conduct TA (review of the self-assessment tool and preparation for the certification) to the following institutions:

2016: AFI (Greece), BCRS (UK), BESA Fund (Albania), BFS (UK), Capitalia (Latvia), FAER (Romania), good.bee Credit (Romania), Maritsa Invest (Bulgaria), MicroFinance Norge (Norway), PerMicro (Italy), PRIMOM (Hungary), ROMCOM (Romania), SEED Capital Bizkaia (Spain), Slovenian Enterprise Fund (Slovenia), TISE (Poland), Vitas (Romania)

2017: Purple Shoots (UK)

Geography: EU countriesEEA countries, in accordance with the EEA Agreement, and EFTA countriesEU candidate countries and potential candidate countries, in line with the framework agreements concluded with them





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Source: EC – Audiovisual Service