Riding the Technology Wave in European Microfinance: the Case of Qredits

Read MFC’s latest case study  “Riding The Technology Wave in European Microfinance: The Case of Qredits”.

This case study traces the origins and the digital evolution of Qredits, a Dutch microfinance foundation that is the only national program providing an alternative source of funding to new- and early-stage businesses.  Qredits, from its inception, has banked on the intensive use of technology, all the while retaining the personal ‘high-touch’ character of microfinance where needed. It also applied technology to its business development services offered through e-learning, mentoring and an Academy Program. The unique vision of the Founder, combined with consistent application of technology, has led Qredits to become one of the most innovative and forward-thinking microfinance organizations in Europe.

Publisher: Microfinance Centre

Authors: Piotr Korynski (MFC), Vincent Stulen (Qredits)

Year: 2019


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