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Over-indebtedness Trends in Europe – Issue No. 2

The European Quality of Life Survey (2016) shows the improving trend in the incidence of arrears on various types of dues among European households. Still, the utility bills are the largest burden, with 11% of adults in the EU-28 making late payments. Low-income people are most severely affected. Twice as many low-income people are overdue on each type of payment, ...

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Microfinance in Europe: A Survey of EMN-MFC Members. Report 2014-2015

This seventh edition of the Report on microfinance in Europe provides an overview of the development of the sector in terms of the main institutional characteristics, the microloan portfolio, and the social and financial performance for the period 2014-2015. The Report is based on data collected through a survey which was carried out as a collaboration between the European Microfinance ...

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