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Software Group – Whitepaper: Field Staff Digitalization – A Decade of Key Lessons Learned in Microfinance

Digital transformation is high on Microfinance Institutions’ agenda, but the path to its successful implementation may hold different strategic directions. Software Group’s new whitepaper lays out our business, technological and implementation lessons learned while helping MFIs digitalize their field operations. Download Whitepaper In the last 20 years we saw an operational shift as most MFIs transitioned from paper-based operations to digital ...

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Microfinance and Business Start-ups: Review of the Current Practice in Europe

The paper “Microfinance and Business Start-ups: Review of the Current Practice in Europe” explores the theoretical background and the emergent evidence related to the role of access to finance for business start-ups and self-employment in Europe, with a specific focus on the role of microfinance institutions. The paper summarizes opportunities and challenges faced by the microfinance sector to more deeply ...

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Delivering Financial Capability: A Look at Business Approaches

Financial capability has been a buzz word for almost a decade as more and more financial institutions and other stakeholders recognize that in order to improve financial inclusion, customers need to have the financial capability to use financial services for their benefit. Many institutions are engaged in designing financial capability programs, however, many pilot programs, often donor-driven, have failed to ...

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