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How Microfinance Fits into European Union Policies?

The Europe 2020 strategy is about delivering economic growth with higher employment. It recognises entrepreneurship and self-employment as key for achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
The strategy is implemented by European Comission, led by Jean-Claude Juncker. The so called Juncker plan identifies 10 priorities of work, which include creating jobs and boosting growth.

In its support to entrepreneurship and self-employment, the European Commission focuses its efforts on:

  • business start-ups by unemployed and people from vulnerable groups
  • support for social entrepreneurs
  • microfinance.

and seeks to:

  • increase knowledge about entrepreneurship and self-employment
  • build capacity in EU countries and regions
  • support entrepreneurship financially.

By supporting microfinance, European Commission hopes to help stimulate self-employment and the creation of micro-enterprises.
For this, EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) has been launched. Microfinance fits into one of 3 axis of the program:

MFIs can use the European Comission work and programs in two ways:EU Fin map

1. Use financial instruments available to support access to microcredit and SME financing. See map.


2. Use European Commission platform to advocate for microfinance enabling environment.