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How Financial Institutions and Fintechs Are Partnering for Inclusion:
Lessons from the Frontlines

Year: 2017
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Financial Inclusion in the Digital Age

Year: 2018
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Financial Inclusion in the Digital Age

Year: 2018
Publisher:CreditEase, IFC – International Finance Corporation, and Stanford University Graduate School of Business
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International Funding for Financial Inclusion: Key Trends and Developments
Year: 2017
Publisher: CGAP
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The 2016-17 State of Housing Microfinance: Understanding the Business Case for Housing Microfinance

The 2016-17 State of Housing Microfinance, based upon a survey of 101
housing microfinance practitioners, is composed of insights and findings
regarding practitioners’ perceptions of the challenges and opportunities
facing housing microfinance, successful implementation strategies, and the
performance of housing microfinance portfolios. Using a simple framework
to analyze these responses at the regional and global levels, authors explore the
market-level, institutional-level, product-segmentation-level, and profitability
drivers that make differentiated housing microfinance products a viable and
attractive option for financial service providers.
Year: 2017
Publisher: Habitat for Humanity
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EIF Working Paper 2018/47 – EIF SME Access to Finance Index
This Working Paper outlines the methodology underlying the new EIF SME Access to Finance (ESAF) Index, which aims oat monitoring developments in SMEs’ access to financial resources in the EU. The index, which is newly developed and will be periodically updated, fills a gap since such an approach did not exist previously.
Year: 2018,  Type: Working Paper
Publisher: European Investment Fund
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EIF Working Paper 2017/46 – European Small Business Finance Outlook
This analysis provides an overview of general market environment for SME finance, main aspects of equity finance and the SME guarantees / securitisation markets and highlight important aspects of microfinance in Europe and complement analysis by a chapter on Fintech.

Year: 2017,  Type: Working Paper
Publisher: European Investment Fund
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Upskilling SMEs. How governments fund training and consulting. Comparing experiences from Asia, Europe and North America. 

The aim of this study is to develop a better understanding of the ways in which government grants to subsidize training and consulting services to SMEs have been financed and executed, including their relative advantages and disadvantages.

Year: 2017,  Type: Research
Publisher: International Labour Organization
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Do microfinance institutions benefit from integrating financial and non financial services?
This article examines the impact of microfinance ‘plus’ (i.e. coordinated combination of financial
and nonfinancial services) on the performance of microfinance institutions (MFIs). Using a global
data set of MFIs in 77 countries, authors find that the provision of nonfinancial services does not harm nor improve MFIs’ financial sustainability and efficiency. The results however suggest that the provision of social services is associated with improved loan quality and greater depth of
Year: 2017,  Type: Article
Publisher: Applied Economics
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Digital Field Applications: Case Study

The case study aims to provide some clarity on the impact of DFA use by examining the business case, implementation process, and effects for three MFBs: Ujjivan Financial Services in India, Musoni Kenya, and Opportunity Bank Serbia (OBS)

Year: 2015,  Type:  Case Study
Publisher: Accion International
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Digital Field Applications: Opportunity Bank Serbia Case Study

The case study of the Opportunity Bank Serbia (OBS) examines the business case, implementation

Year: 2015,  Type: Case Study
Publisher: Accion International
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