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Edukacja Finansowa w Polsce

  Od 2003 r., w MFC zrealizowaliśmy ponad 50 projektów w 22 krajach. Projekty realizowane w Polsce są naszym laboratorium – ich wynikami dzielimy się z innymi! Moje mieszkanie – moja odpowiedzialność! Celem projektu realizowanego w latach 2015 – 2016 było kształtowanie pozytywnych zachowań młodych dorosłych w zakresie zarządzania finansami osobistymi i własnym mieszkaniem. Usamodzielniający się wychowankowie Młodzieżowych Ośrodków Wychowawczych ...

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Borrow Wisely Financial Education Campaign

#BWC2016 The Borrow Wisely promotes global client protection standards. This annual international Campaign is led by the MFC and its partners. We work with any institution that is a responsible lender (complying with current global standards of client protection) working in the Europe and Central Asian region. In 2016 our partners engaged directly and virtually with 473,660 clients and potential ...

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My Home, My Responsibility

Funder: The project is supported by Obywatele dla Demokracji Program, finansed by EOG grants  Partners: Habitat for Humanity Poland; Młodzieżowy Ośrodek Wychowawczy Księży Orionistów (MOW) Helping delinquent youth successfully transition from foster care into independent adult life means equipping them with the personal money management skills they often lack. The MFC has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity Poland and delinquent youth ...

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Increasing Access to Finance for Rural Population in Belarus

   Funder: USAID     Partner: Republican Microfinance Center Financial services can be a lifeline to low-income people, when used correctly. We’re working in Belarus to build the capacity of the Republican Microfinance Centre to provide training on budget management and saving to low-income communities. As part of this, our master trainers are rolling out our Plan Your Future and Debt Management modules across ...

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Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship in Rural Azerbaijan

 Funder:  European Union   Partner: Azerbaijan Microfinance Association (AMFA)We’re boosting women’s entrepreneurship in rural Azerbaijan through an important three-year collaboration with the AMFA Network. Our aim is to train at least 1,650 women in 8 rural areas to better manage their household finances, develop or launch their own business, or find a job in the financial sector.News Financial education in Azerbaijan: Read ...

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